The Things We Take for Granted are the Things that Matter Most

Many only think about the water systems that support our country when there is a drought or disaster, but the systems that provide millions of Americans with clean water and environmentally safe wastewater management are a critical part of everything we do. As technology changes and systems age, we work closely with you and your design team to understand your wastewater and water treatment plant construction requirements, then build to meet the needs of your community. 

Beginning with preconstruction, we ensure our quality and safety measures are embedded in every aspect of our wastewater and water treatment plant construction projects. McCarthy is a water treatment contractor and wastewater treatment contractor that knows by building projects right the first time, we are better positioned to deliver plans on time and on budget — if not ahead of schedule and for less than expected. 

Water/Wastewater Construction Expertise
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  • Water reclamation
  • Wastewater treatment